Posted by: Owen | October 7, 2010

Rallye de France

I wish I were a Red Cross ambulance driver…that is on the day of  the rally. They get the best seats in the house.


Sébastien Loeb's Citroën C4...very cool!


The part of the Rallye de France that we saw was held in Haguenau, in Alsace, on October 3rd, 2010. We went to the Rallye de France to see Sébastien Loeb, the 7-time world rally champion. We saw two of the three races that were held that day. We missed Sébastien on the first race because we got there too late. So we waited until the next race. We almost could not see anything because of the number of people, but we got a good view anyway (since I’m small I squeezed to the front and got a great view of the track). After seeing Loeb, lots of people left and lots of people stayed, like me and my dad.


Dad's favourite...the Ford Fiesta S2000


Some of the types of rally cars we saw were: Citroën C4 and C2, Ford Focus and Fiesta S2000, Mitsubishi, Suzuki Swift, Renault Clio and Twingo, Subaru Impreza, Fiat Abarth and 500, and Peugeot 307. I thought the Citroën C4 the best. My dad loves the Ford Fiesta S2000.

After a while our family headed off to la gare to catch a train home. It was a very good day.


PS. To see what the race we saw looked like, check out this video on the WRC website: Onboard Video of Haguenau. It’s very cool. You can see videos of Sébastien Loeb on there, too.


Loeb's winning car!




  1. Great blog Owen.
    You really captured the excitment of the day!
    I loved the post

    • thanks anique!!!!!

  2. This is phat. Very cool.

    • thanks mark

  3. Owen,
    Thanks for providing the internet links in your post. I had no idea what this Rally was all about. Denis-Guillaume is fascinated with the movie CARS right now so I am slowly becoming educated on this type of thing. I will show him your post. I am not sure why this Sebastien is so important but I will also follow up on this via your link.

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