Posted by: Owen | April 20, 2011

Airbus Visit

On April 11 2011 something terrible happened… we went to the Airbus factory. You’re probably wondering why we (my family and I) went? Well, to see the A380. We took a tour of the factory. All the places we went were about the airbus A380. The biggest and only fully double decker plane in the world.

A380 Takeoff

The first place we went on the tour was the telemetry room where the flight engineers would watch the tests from. While we were in there we saw a video of the first flight of the A380. The video we saw was coming from cameras on the plane. Here is a list of the different tests we saw in the room on the video: Minimum take of speed, Hot 50°c, Cold -40°c, flooded runway, wing flex, stalling. After the telemetry room we took a bus to the biggest building in Europe. A hangar. It is 15 soccer fields or 10 hectares. When we got there we went up to a viewing platform overlooking the final assembly of the A380. We were 22m above the floor.

A380 inside

After that we took the bus to a full scale model of the fuselage of the A380. The different types of seating are premium economy, economy, business, first class. That’s all for the tour.

Here is some cool stuff I learned. The A380 is about 400 tons. It can hold about 120 tons of gas. Airbus makes about 25 A380’s a year. They (as in Airbus) made over 500 planes last year. The A380 can hold 800 people max. Normally it holds about 500 people. On each engine pylon there is 1 ton of titanium.

Here is a picture of the Airbus transportation plane the beluga. In the top of the plane it can hold two wings!!

Beluga transporter

On United Arab Emirates in first class in the A380 they have showers!! Even I would shower!

One bummer was that they would not let us take pictures.

That was an absolutely fantabulosley awesome day!!!



  1. “Cool! That’s pretty awesome!”
    Stuart Cockburn

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