Posted by: Owen | January 27, 2011

Sur le Pont d’Avignon

On the first Sunday in Paris, I bought a beautiful fedora hat in the Richard-Lenoir outdoor market.

My beautiful fedora

It was hard to decide because there where a million choices but I decided on the grey and black polka-dotted one. I paid the 5€ with my own money. My hat has been with me ever since Paris. I’ve worn it basically all the time.

I’ve had lots of good comments on my hat, mostly from older woman. I’ve gotten them in lots of different countries.

On January 23, 2011, in Avignon on the famous Pont d’Avignon over the well-known Rhône River, the infamous Mistral wind ripped my hat off my head and flung into the Rhône with no chance of retrieving it.

I was angry because my hat was taken from me by the Mistral and frustrated because there was no chance of getting it back and sad because I could never wear that hat again.

The wicked pont and river

That was the life and times of my beautiful fedora hat.


To see my photos of Avignon, Provence, and the Gorges du Verdon CLICK HERE.

Note: To see my Dad’s photos of Avignon, Provence, and the Grand Canyon de Verdon, CLICK HERE.

WATCH our YouTube video of the Pont d’Avignon HERE.


  1. Owen, I am very sad to hear about your hat. I am not sure that I will recognize you in Marco’s pictures any more. However, I am also very excited to see what your new head dress will look like. You have great taste.

  2. The capricious Mistral strikes again…

    Bummer Owen !


  3. Great photography by Owen! Good job. All the pictures are great and it is fun for us when you visit places we have seen too.
    The Pont du Gard is so impressive! I just think of the infrastructure that was needed and the logistics of its construction. Apart from the actual construction, someone had to build the wagons, train the oxen, make the tools and grow the food to feed all the workers. Amazing!

  4. Dear Owen.

    What a great blog you wrote about your fedora :I love it .Of course it is too bad you lost your amazing hat .Will you get another one? It was so part of you ,in all the pictures ,we will miss it .

    LOVE Mamie

    • *We have not really looked for one but I want to get another one.* * * *Owen *

  5. Olivia also got a cool fedora style hat when we were in Niagara on the Lake last year. Hers has not flown into the Tay River, nor any other river for that matter. I am sorry to hear about your cool hat. I had been admiring it in the photos over these past few months.

    Your story was very interestingly written. Makes for a cool story.

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