Posted by: Marco | July 1, 2011

Our trip – by the numbers

Well, we’re home. We got back to Canada on Monday, 27 June. First on the agenda was a swim in Hurds Lake. Just before diving in to the cool water, a loon popped to the surface. Ah, Canada! It’s nice to be home and to see friends and family and to feel completely at ease with our surroundings.

We’re now trying to figure the impact of this magnificent trip. We may never know the full effect on Anique and Owen…what inspiration they may draw, what fearlessness this may instill. Who knows? This trip has been life altering…we just don’t know what has been altered. What we have managed to do is to come up with some statistics about our trip. We compiled a bunch of numbers about this adventure of ours. So here is a synopsis of our trip…by the numbers:

23137 Number of kilometres driven
8526 Pictures taken (and saved) That’s 26 per day every day!
570 Meals eaten out-of-doors (That’s almost 60%)
320 Days away  from Canada
320 Number of times we thought about you  🙂
220 Number of hours of home-schooling
206 Days using public transport only
174 Days in France
155 Days with a rented car
130 Books read by the family including 14 books read aloud (Anique read 60!)
100 Different running routes
72 Nights in a tent
69 Days on a bike
61 Blog posts
58 Average cost of a night’s sleep (in C$)
51 Different locations where we slept
42 Restaurant meals
18 Train rides
15 Jars of Nutella eaten
15 Maps purchased
12 Countries visited
12 Number of pieces of toast eaten
11 Number of movies watched
7 Days with snow
5 Bad customer service experiences
5 Number plans changed due to weather
4 Flights
4 Number of flat tires (bike)
4 Ferry rides
3 Number of paraglide flights
3 Number of Skype calls from a tent
1.82 Average price paid for a litre of fuel (in C$)
1 degree Celsius … our coldest night in a tent
1 eReaders broken
0 Trips to the hospital


So, after 320 days away and as many adventures, our trip has come to an end. It will live on, of course, in photos, family stories, and our vivid memories. It was worth every penny, every anxious moment. Our hope is that our trip inspires you to go and do what you want to do. It’s possible. Make the choice and “live a life less ordinary”.

Carpe annum…mission accomplished,




  1. Welcome home and Happy Canada Day.

    Once again the parallels between our situations is just to funny. We will be heading up to my mom’s cottage where if you were on the dock and about to dive in and the loon didn’t surface, you might hesitate as if something wasn’t quite right.

    Our plans of course are not complete but they are coming together and hopefully will all be in order to leave on Aug. 8th.

    Your list of statistics is very helpful. It is really nice to know that a family of 4 can actually survive on Nutella.

    All the best to you and your family as you feel through your old ways with your new yous.

    Leslie, Tom, Emmett and Mya

  2. HI Leslie,
    Nutella and bread and cheese, And coffee. These are the keys to survival and happiness on the road. A nice bottle of wine for 3 Euros is great too.

    Did you get our emails about the long term stay visa? I hope you are well on your way to getting that done as it can be time consuming.

    We’re really tickled about the parallels between your family and ours. We want to keep up with your adventures so add us to your update emails. Happy Canada Day!

  3. Reblogged this on The Flip Side of Fifty and commented:
    Marc, what a wonderful adventure. Life is so awesome isnt it? Thank you for sharing it. Cheers, Arlene

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