Posted by: Marco | July 9, 2010

Boxes, boxes, boxes…

We leave in a month and we’re regular visitors to the liquor store. Not because we need something to ease the stress but because we’re in need of sturdy boxes!

Boxes everywhereWe’re in the throes of packing up the house. Cardboard boxes and Rubbermaid bins are everywhere.  Mark and Heather and their two boys, the future temporary tenants of our home, will be using our furniture and appliances but not our knickknacks or knickers, so we are busy packing up our personal possessions. We’re making four piles: stuff to take, stuff to keep for our return, stuff to for the yard sale/Salvation Army, and stuff to send to the landfill.  Although this isn’t a whole lot of fun in an unairconditioned house in the middle of a heat wave, it is a great opportunity to get rid of stuff we have been keeping for years for no good reason. It is liberating to hand over bags of clothes from the 80’s to the local Salvation Army!! Just you watch, that shiny silver suit jacket will be back in fashion next month…

Also on the to-do list, last-minute house repairs before we hand it over to our friends. We live in an old house built during the 1890’s so there is no lack of needed repairs. We’ll limit ourselves to the essentials: holes in the wall, leaky faucets and stuff like that.

Carpe annum, Marco

Last minute painting

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