Posted by: Anique | January 19, 2011

Soaring above the Côte D’Azur

Most people who hear of jumping of mountains shake their heads and say” Man, they’re craaaaaaaaaaaazy!” but I don’t.

In fact, I jumped off a mountain on January 14 2011!

While our friends (the Machans) were here Grant and Dad went tandem paragliding and I was super jealous! I asked the pilot, somewhat jokingly,  what the age limit was and he said…”There isn’t one, you have to be 30 kg ( 66 lb) but that is all!!!!!!!!!!!” I was really excited, I could go paragliding!!!!! I spent a couple of weeks wondering if I should do it. In the end, I used my Christmas money from both my grandparents and convinced my mom to come (which wasn’t hard.) I also practiced my French, so my flight instructions would go over well!

We met our pilots at the Roquebrune train station and took the shuttle bus up nearly 800m to the top of Mont Gros. The drive was awesome in itself; we got a great overhead view of Monaco and Roquebrune-Cap Martin. We saw the (gigantic) base of a roman statue, only the base is left.

At the top, we set out the wings and talked about take-off, in-fligh,t and landing procedures. After we both had our seat-suits on Jean-Paul (my pilot) attached my suit to his and told me to run. You do a running take-off. We ran to the edge and had a flawless take-off and Christian (mom’s pilot) videoed the whole thing! SEE IT HERE!

That's me!

The liftoff was by far the best part of the ride! There was no sensation of falling! You just felt your feet come off the ground and you sat down on a chair. Having your feet not touching anything solid was a fantastic feeling. Because you are so secure and comfortable, there isn’t any feeling of height, somewhat like an airplane. You could paraglide even if you were afraid of heights…you would just have to not look around at the take-off site!

The views of Monaco were great. We saw an ENTIRE country from the air! We saw everything from Ventimiglia to St. Jean- Cap Ferrat, three countries at once!!!!! The experience was fantastic and I would do it again (if I had the chance) before you could say “Paragliding”!

I love the sport and I would like to be a paraglide pilot someday!!!!!!




  1. Great Job Anique!! Not very many 11 year old Canadian “Tweens” can say they have jumped off a mountain.

  2. Well done Anique! Now I am really jealous!

  3. WOW Anique ,you have guts , which by the way I knew .You just go for it ,but after considerations only . You proved yourself many times with either water skiing or alpine skiing . You are made with the right stuff .I can tell , life will be good to you
    because you just bite into it .

    Keep it up


  4. Way to go, Anique ! Papa & I both enjoyed the pictures of your flight as well as the video. Even though we have no desire to do the same thing , it did really look like a great experience – just one of your many!! You guys are truly making the most of your travels, aren’t you.

  5. Hi mr baillon it’s Sophie from Caldwell street school!!!!!!!!!!1It’s a really boring year without you !!!Gym is even more boring because your not there!!!Everybody misses you and Caelin Lepine was going sico because you aren’t there as usual!!!Hope to see you soon!!!!!!Sophie Nezan!!!

  6. Ok, Anique, that is wild. Good for you. Fantastic experience. I will admit that my stomach was nervous just looking at the pictures.

    • I wasn’t scary at ALL!

  7. Anique,

    I couldn’t help noticing your family and the family who’s name i cant remember right now, in the perth newspaper! You were in the ocean doing the France version of ‘The Polar Plunge’

    P.S- i really want to go paragliding now 😀

    • I don`t blame you!

      • ya i really love the feeling like ‘ i beleive i can fly’ …… sooo intense, well i had a water fight with my brothers on a mountain in Italy, while excpiriencing my hottest summer yet; thats gotta count for some ( wow i sounded really canadian) 😛

  8. one year ❤

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