Posted by: Anique | November 15, 2010

An awesome day of skiing

Skiing 3100m above sea level is crazy no matter when you do it, it is about 3 times as crazy when you are above cloud level.

We are staying in a ski resort called Maso Corto at the moment and even though it is mid-November the place is packed with skiers. We had not planned on skiing because we had no gear i.e. skis, jackets helmets…  On arrival, however, we saw the huge rocky cliffs, seas of people and a cable car going up to the lodge.  I told dad that you had to be mad to stay here and not ski and he agreed. We checked out the rental place and found out that you could rent clothes, as well as skis. Then we found out that Owen could rent stuff for free at the other place which just made the day cheaper. Mom has an old knee injury from skiing and we were not sure what the conditions would be like, so Mom decided not to come with us. We were sad she wouldn’t be with us but better safe than sorry.  We got suited up the night before the big day (Nov.14) with Blizzard skis and Dolomite boots. The next morning we got up to a cloudy dreary day.  We were kind of bummed but we had already paid for the stuff, so we got ready and headed down to the ticket office. We bought our tickets and waddled (thanks to the big, clunky boots) to the Poma-lift. There is a bunny hill down at the bottom of the Cable-car with a Poma-lift. We had decided to do a few runs on it before we went up to get back it to skiing and get used to our skis. The Poma-lift was slow and the snow was rock hard, so we quickly decided to line up for the cable car. On the information board (what runs and lifts were open etc.) it said sol, which means sun in Italian. We thought that the sign was broken because the top of the mountain was still engulfed in fog. Once we got inside the cable car building we saw a video showing beautiful blue sky and lots of people skiing. I tried not to get my hopes up but I thought it might be a live video stream.

View from the top

And sure enough after a few minutes of dense cloud the cable car  emerged into a beautiful, sunny snowy valley. From the top it looked like a gigantic white cushion with rocky peaks sticking out all around us.  We stopped to take a few pictures and then hit the slopes. The snow was perfect, soft and natural. We zipped down to the bottom of the Poma-lift. This Poma-lift is super long, 1.4 km to be precise!! It takes about 15 minutes to go up.  The runs are super long but there isn’t a lot of choice, so we did the same runs over and over again. I not complaining, though, the runs are so vast that they are different every time. The sun was amazing and it was nothing like a cold Canadian ski day (it is usually about -25).The runs were not difficult and the snow was wonderful. Mom could have skied for sure but we like moms who aren’t stuck with a broken knee and are unable to run (Mom LOVES to run).  We were quite tired by the end of the day but were also smiling from ear to ear.  We could not keep a straight face when we told Mom that we had had a terrible day.

We spent the day in pure bliss skiing, carving and taking pictures! Sadly, it was only one day and not a week like the other lucky ski bums. We loved every minute of it.


Happy Skiers

To see our picture CLICK HERE.

Val Senales Stats

  • Our apartment is at 2011m above sea level. The summit elevation is 3212m.
  • The cable-car is 2 Km long and it feels like an elevator!
  • There is only one standard in the whole 2km of cable!
  • You can ski here all year-round because you are literally skiing on a glacier
  • Ötzi the Iceman was discovered in that very glacier, on that very mountain!


  1. Anique, you had me smiling ear to ear!!! That sounds like a perfect ski day. So glad to hear you rocked the mountain!!! best to you all…Cheers, Stephanie

  2. Anique, you are living a dream and the best part is you know it and you appreciate it!! Great parents and great kids equals great opportunity

  3. I am Jealous! jealous! jealous! But I am very glad you took the opportunity to do the skiing. And now that you have tasted it, don’t forget to remind you parents that skiing opportunities lie not far from Menton.

    • Don’t worry they will NOT forget.

  4. Oh my God !you are doing everything right. You are seeing views that most people don’t see in a life time ,let alone at your age. Tell me ,does it beat going to school ?
    Hope you can fit another day of the same.May be your mom could go this time

    • It beats school a MILLION TIMES.

  5. WOW!!!!! this hill beats packenham for sure. which kinda makes me upset cause i almost broke my hip while skiing at packenham. Well atleast we know who’s better at skiing. Great Blogs And Pics!!!!!!! 😉

  6. Now…This is the best post yet I have to say…You were supposed to let me know in advance before the whole skiing thing was going to happen!!!Fantastic shots of your day. Of course your dad has made you research why the weather might be different at different elevations and all that I am sure! The real question is….Will you ever be happy skiing at Calabogie again….? Sorry your mom could not join you. My dad stopped skiing so his golf game would not be at risk…I understand about the running.


    • Even Tremblant seems little and wimpy compared…but it does have more choice.

      • If you think Tremblant is wimpy it must have been #%ÉÉÉÉ##### incredible! Way to rub it in! I find Tremblant ok even after 4 years in Colorado!!! Do not tell your parents I swore, ok? Wait till you start snow-boarding!!!!


      • I am a skier and purely a skier!

  7. I was the same way until someone gave me a free board…How tall are you??

    • 5 foot 1

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