Posted by: Shannon | September 14, 2010

On The Road

We have been “On the Road” for over a month now and I thought I would do a quick blog on the high points and low points of our Bohemian life.  It has been wonderful exploring and discovering new places and sites and languages. I love how the kids are always excited to discover a new town or city or even campsite.  Sometimes what might be considered a small detail, gives us all a boost…like when we finally found peanut butter after 3 weeks away from home!!!

We have settled into a good routine while on the road where I select the next campsite and get the directions and Marco drives.

Our faithful Bipper Tepee...we call it "The Bip".

Driving has been all extremes …from the mayhem in Amsterdam to the very calm (but fast!!) highway driving in Austria.  The challenge is to have a map that is detailed enough for the navigator (that’s me J) to be able to read town names quickly enough on the road signs and then the map, to tell Marco when to turn!  We opted out of having a GPS, partly because of the expense but also because I like having a map so that I can see where we are going and plan the next stop. Also, we have had some less than perfect experiences with GPS’s in the past!  The map method is not perfect either…the kids have started counting how many U-turns we have done…I don’t know the total, but there have been a few!  We had one particularly frustrating drive from Scheemda in the Netherlands to Goslar in Germany where we started out with a map that did not have enough detail and we zig-zagged our way for the first hour before we gave up and bought a better map! There were quite a few U-turns that day!

This has been our home for most of our time on the road.

Since we have been mostly camping (in a tent, not an RV) and we do not have a cooler, we generally have to shop for food every day.  This is much different than at home and it took me a while to get used to having to think about the next meal every day so that we would have what we need.  Our Peugeot Bipper Tepee (yes, that is the name of our vehicle J) does not have a lot of room because all of our equipment for a year, so we cannot store much extra.  Fortunately there is almost always a grocery store nearby so we can find something to sustain us!

I have been surprised a few times at how little English we have found in some of our stops like Goslar, Germany and here in Hungary. But we have managed to communicate with very basic English or even some German sometimes! Of course we resort to sign language if needed and that will generally work. The owner of the campsite in Prague spoke Czech, German, English, Russian and some French and Italian so we have had some surprises also!  Makes us feel quite inadequate knowing only English and French!!

Now we are in Hungary for 6 days at a resort (thanks to Marco’s parents’ timeshare!) and we are feeling somewhat spoiled with our 3 room apartment with a small kitchen and two bathrooms!  It is a nice change from being on the road and camping in our tent, that is for sure, but just this morning we were singing “Just can’t wait to get on the road again…”

Carpe Annum



  1. Hi Shannon! This sounds like such a great experience for your family!! Your kids are very lucky to have such adventurous parents! I also wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope the rest of your traveling goes well. We miss you at Nortel!!

  2. This is great, the updates make me feel like I’m there with you. Inspirational

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