Posted by: Anique | September 6, 2010

Canada vs The Netherlands

The Netherlands different from Canada and yet they are the same in many ways! Here are some of the differences!

A bike parking lot in Amsterdam

Boats are everywhere, there is at least one canal in just about every town or village ( that we drove through, that is ). Most of the canals and harbours in the towns are full of not only motor boats and cruising boats, but huge barges turned into houseboats as well. You could never do anything like this in Canada thanks to the lack of canals. I think would be fun to do as a trip but I would hate to live on a boat full time.
There are even more bikes than boats and bike paths than canals, in Holland. The paths line every road ( I’m not kidding). In   Amsterdam there are bikes every were. They line the side of all the roads and there are even bike parking lots! The bikes pretty much have the right of way here.  You are in more danger of being hit by a bike than by a car. Everyone rides bikes here. The kids sit on the racks or in a seat on their parent’s bike (depends on age where they sit), the grandmas ride, the stylish teenage girls ride, the business people ride to work and (my personal favourite) the girlfriends sit on the racks on their boyfriends bikes!!
Personally, we Canadians have got the wrong idea about transportation, but I guess it all has to do with the size of the country and the distance between towns!
I have decided that the Dutch have the right idea about breakfast foods, too. We quickly learned that they don’t seem to have peanut butter in France (there’s your answer, Kathy)but thankfully the Dutch aren’t that crazy.  They also eat chocolate sprinkles on their toast as a spread.  This is a delicious way to start the day if you ask me! The only thing I am not so sure I like, is the fact that they also put molasses on their toast.
They also have a delicious dessert/snack made of  waffles with chocolate or sprinkles on top. The waffle part  tastes like a donut and the chocolate/sprinkles are just an added bonus!
The windmills that dot the landscape really stand out because of the flat landscape. They aren’t overly tall but the land is pretty flat. Which was obvious when we drove half way across the Netherlands and didn’t hit one hill!
This is the one thing that I think the Dutch are wrong about. I mean, making drugs legal is a really stupid idea. You can smell it just about everywhere! There are stores selling only bongs and stuff to do drugs with ( way past Dragon Moon standards, for you Perthites) and their cafes advertising their “shrooms” in the windows.
These are just the more obvious  differences between the two countries , other than size and position, of course.
Carpe Annum


  1. Great post. Very interesting about the bikes. How come you do not like the whole drug aspect. Did you notice more violence or bad behaviour than in our country because of the drugs? Or did you just dislike the smell, etc? Just curious.


    • i think that is gross and I do hate the smell!

  2. Hey Anique, Great post!! Your Dad’s pics of all the bikes were really amazing. Rained for most of the weekend which was a bummer for everyone involved in “The Perth Fair,” including us. Boys didn’t update me this morning with all the excitement of back to school but I think there are about 100 days til we come from our visit. Amey did a great article in the EMC last week which has made our trip even more exciting because the boys are showing everyone your picture.
    Love all the posts – keep them coming!!

  3. Interesting post Anique.

    So do the “cafes” sell any other type of refreshment or just Marijuana ?


    P.S. Let’s have another Owen post…

  4. What a great description of Holland.It is very well written,and with all the pictures,we are following your trip very well indeed.We see that you are getting lots of clouds ,it is the same here.

    I love the pictures of your climb in Germany .Keep the blogs coming,we just love the communication done this way.

    Love you all

  5. You guys are creating well-detailed descriptions for us to envision. I love hearing about the zillions of bikes.
    So about the drugs; do people act innappropriate? ie; zoned-out staring, stumbling around, driving recklessly? Is it legal to bike under the influence?

  6. Excellent and interesting report on the differences. I remember the first time I saw the bike parking lot, thinking how can they find, or even get to their bikes to get them back? The canals are pretty cool …. one time I remember seeing a sail boat looking from a distance like it was going right through a farmers field .. but of course up close it was in a canal. I really liked the northern netherlands – specifically Friesland. I was wearing a Canadian flag, and people came out of cafes to thank us for what we did in the war, and give free drinks! Can you try a Canadian flag on your backpack and go for a walk through one of these northern villages and see if anything happens? Maybe it is too late now, I did it quite a few years ago. Keep on writing – its super! Terry Stewart (The Running Goat)

    • we didnt really get that kind of treatment but o well!

  7. I know how you feel i just came back from Italy, instead of renting cars you would rent bikes, and everywhere you looked there would be tons of vespas!!!!!!!!!!! Well i hope you have fun, and if you get a chance you should go see Italy!!!!! Make sure to have lots of pictures, and I hope you get used to that drug thing. Because unfortunatley, you might see it more then you want to. 🙂

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