Posted by: Marco | August 22, 2010

Paris wrap-up

Here it is, our last day in Paris. We have been very busy the last few days. We’ve had some late nights and early mornings…not conducive to blogging. So here is the catch-up post. I went through 300 photos this morning…it took all morning.

Here’s a list of the things we have done since the last post:

I think I might have missed a few. We’ve shopped in farmer’s markets (there’s a blog about food coming), we’ve run along canals, and viaducts. We’ve played frisbee in the park. We’ve eaten fantastic ice cream (called glaces) and delicious crêpes with nutella and bananas. All in all, we’ve had a great time discovering this fabulous city.


Jardin du Luxembourg, the views from the Eiffel Tower, markets, boat cruise, sewer museum, catacombs, Louvre, riding the Métro, the Promenade Plantée, narrow streets and discovering things by accident, the gigantic camping store ”Au vieux campeur”, pain au chocolat, amazing architecture, Cimetière Père Lachaise, mango sorbet…

Least favourites:

Crowds at Versailles, crowds at Eiffel tower, cost of everything, our neighbour from below, garbage in the streets, smell of urine, Sacrée Coeur in Montmartre (not worth battling the crowds)

Le bilan (the bottom line): This may come as a shock…but Paris is a fantastic place. But we’re ready to move on.

Carpe annum,



  1. Loved your pics! Paris at night is very cool! I have been following your trip. Hope all is well with The Baillons! Take care.

  2. So nice to hear your stories and see the pictures. Looks like you guys are having a blast. Love the shot of the Tower from Centre Pompidou and the shadow (sun-dial) shot. Amazing! We have 126 sleeps left. lol
    Keep the stories coming.

  3. I’ve been to Paris three times but I have not seen half as much of it as you have. Some of the more interesting things, I have not heard of before. Well done!
    I don’t quite understand that the Catacombes are not creepy. I was pretty creeped out just looking at the pictures!!

  4. I was starting to miss the daily blogs… thought you’d forgotten all about us already! Glad to hear it’s because you were having too much fun. Good luck on the next leg…. do you have a car for the trip yet?

  5. LOVE the doors, you could frame them and use them as art! Except that last one… glad to see you haven’t lost your sense of humour…groan.

    Not as big a fan of all the bones….

  6. So far one of the best traveloques I have every read/viewed. The photography is excellent. You can certainly sense the excitement of the trip … just count the number of “!” used … especially in Shannon’s food reviews !!! (I have been fortunate to sample the many cheeses in France, and you again make my mouth water! The crepe description … again one of my favoarite things. Although it is a toss up with Sewers – I studies them in college .. so was always on the look out for a good sewer when travelling – thanks for including your excellent description of Paris sewer in all its splendor. Keep up the reports – so look forward to them. Well, only three days until the Glen Tay Block race. I’ll give it a go, but with modest time goal. I look forward to your family running a European race event!!!!

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