Posted by: Owen | August 17, 2010

From the very alive to the not so very alive

We went to a part of Paris called Montmartre. After we got to Montmartre, we went up a big hill to Sacré Coeur, a very famous church.

A fancy church at the top of a big hill.

When we got to the top, you turned around and got a great view of the city of Paris. We walked around and bought postcards at a shop on a sidestreet. Then we walked around some more and went into Sacré Coeur. When we got in, we watched the end of mass and we saw nuns with white dresses and black head things. We went down the big hill in a funicular. Then we walked around trying to find a market, actually a boulangerie. We found a boulangerie and bought some bread. Then we walked around and found another church. We went in that church too. We had lunch on the Moulin Rouge road and then walked down to the Moulin Rouge. Then we took the Metro down to Père Lachaise, a very famous cemetery and saw the tombstones of many famous people. We saw Oscar Wilde, Chopin, and the guy from the Doors.  We walked around the cemetery a bit more. Then we left the cemetery and went to a café and had a hot chocolate. Then we went to a Citroën dealer and looked at the cars. We kept on walking and found a running shoe store but didn’t buy anything. And then we walked home.

You can see Dad’s pictures HERE.


(Owen dictated and Marco typed)


  1. this made me laugh. At first I didn’t realize it was from Owen and I was wondering what happened to Marco’s writing! Then I saw it was from Owen and it all made sense… sounds just like Blake recounting an excursion. “First we did this, then we did this, then we did something else that I can’t give any details about….”

    Good stuff!

  2. I am curious about the Nazi prison for 4000 people of the French resistance. The way I read the french on the plaque, it was a prison for women! Is that right?

    • Now that I reread the plaque, I agree. I am not sure whether that is the case or not. We found another prison in the Montparnasse area that housed high school and university students. It was, and still is, a prison.

  3. Great update Owen. You are straight to the point and no fluffy stuff just the way I like it. I think those funny things on the Nun’s heads float. You should ask if you can try it out.

    Looks like you are having a blast. It is just as much fun back here, NOT!

    When do we get some car pictures?

    I loved the group luggage pictures. Reminded me of us moving back from England only no one could carry their one bag so I was a Christmas tree decorated with luggage.

  4. Great description of an interesting day! We are all enjoying the photos.

  5. I like Owen’s hat.

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