Posted by: Anique | August 15, 2010

Bois de Vincennes

Yesterday, Mom, Owen and I went to Bois de Vincennes. Dad didn’t go because he had to go car shopping. Bois de Vincennes is a HUGE  park on the edge of Paris.  There is a chateau on the edge of it but this one is a more stereotypical chateau with a moat, drawbridge and dunjeon rather than the guilded Palais of Versailles. After that, we headed for the Parc Floral de Paris but didn’t end up going in  because you had to pay money and the rest of the of the Park was free. We then found a bench and ate our lunch of baguette and cheese. We soon discovered that our bench was surrounded by blackberry bushes full of ripe berries. They were delicious! We walked to what our map showed as a Parc Zoologique, only to discover that it was closed for renovations untill 2013. We kept walking and found a lake with a huge playground nearby. The playground had a fun zipline. After a great day at Bois de Vincennes we walked home via the Promenade Plantée to our small apartement on Rue de Crussol!

Your Adventurous Friend,



  1. EEk anique bois de Vincennes is the most beautiful isn’t it? (as is everything else!)

    • ya everything in paris seems to be beautiful!

  2. I just got caught up on your blog posts! Great pictures. Sounds like smooth sailing! When will Owen post? Zip line in the park – those crazy Parisians!

    • ya saftey on playgrounds is obviously not an issue here! I love it!!!!

  3. “an Adventurous Friend” – indeed! And you guys are doing so much walking! Et tu est comme une connoisseure de chateau maintenant, Mademoiselle! Je suis impressionner (hope that made sense).
    In the pic of the cascading fountain in bois de Vincennes, it looks like there are aisles of pine-like palm-trees.
    Zip lines are so fun. Was it short like at St. John’s Elementary or long like Wheeler’s pancake house?
    Are the French super-cautious about playground safety like they are here?
    The blackberry bushes sounded like a nice surprise.
    Hope you are having good luck with your car hunt!

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