Posted by: Marco | August 12, 2010

Versailles – unlimited ego

Today we visited Versailles, the famous home of Louis XIV and, later, of Marie-Antoinette. It is even more stunning than expected. The scale of the place is unbelievable. Our favourite part was Marie’s hobby farm. It is very beautiful and much more our style than Louis’ opulent chateau.

Check out the photos here: Picasa

A nice backyard for the Sun King

Au revoir,



  1. It’s unreal isn’t it. So over the top… I think you’ll enjoy les chateaux de la Loir more when you go there. Did you see THE CLOCK in the Queen’s bedroom?

  2. Wow,
    I never went to Versailles but I feel like I have been there now! Loved the photos from your first day in Paris. The apt looks great. Were there tons of people rollerblading? Great photos.

  3. I found Versailles equally awesome. A true wonder. The visual length to the actual horizon is hypnotic. Toutes les Gloires de France!

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