Posted by: Shannon | August 9, 2010

How did “Next Year” become tomorrow???

For the past year or so, we have often repeated the phrase “Next year…” like the kids saying “Next year we won’t be at school” or “Next year we’ll be in France”. Well, next year has now become tomorrow!!! We drove away from our house in Perth on Friday and are currently at Marco’s parent’s place near Renfrew. They will drive us to the airport in Montreal tomorrow where our flight leaves at 9:30 pm and arrives in Paris at 10:00 am. The last week has been very busy but also rewarding. I say that because we have managed to cull a lot of our belongings…lots of trips to the local Salvation Army and a successful Garage Sale. Also we managed to give our house a needed cleaning from top to bottom…there were some surfaces (behind beds etc.) that have not been cleaned for quite some time!!!). The handover of the house to Mark, Heather, Matthew and Jacob actually felt pretty good…we were ready and I found it quite easy to drive away knowing that we have very good friends house-sitting for us!
Now I am ready to go…we have talked about this and planned for it for so long that I can’t wait to get going! I am sure there will be many things that I will miss from Canada and Perth, but it is not so hard to leave when you know you are coming back in a year.


  1. Marco and the clan,

    Safe travels. We look forward to all the updates on the blog.

    The adventure looks to be awesome. Have a great time.

  2. Safe travels. You all seemed very relaxed on Thursday evening. What a great adventure for all of you. No doubt you will be missed by many but as you say – you will be back “next year.”

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