Posted by: Anique | July 25, 2010

It still doesn’t feel real

This is supposed to fit in here?

It still doesn’t feel like this is actually happening and there is only 15 days until we board our plane to France. It seems like every time we see someone we have to say goodbye for a year. Every time I do this I think “Are we really going to France?” I don’t think it will really  sink in until we board the plane and start our journey across the great big ocean! There is a group of family friends (Owen went  to preschool with their kids) and one of them is a very talented musician and she wrote a song about us. I’ll tell you all when the videos are posted on youtube and what it is called.  Today we are “practice packing” our bags (we get one big  camping backpack each) and I find it amazing how many clothes you can fit into one of those things. I mean, it is not a whole wardrobe of clothes but it is pretty darn good for  one backpack!

Wow! I guess it does!

Even though we are packing those huge bags and saying Au revoir to some friends, it still doesn’t feel real!!

Carpe annum

Signing off,

Anique 🙂


  1. Hey Anique – very impressed with your packing!

    • I’m starting a song for you too. It goes; “Are we really going to France? Then I must pack six to eight pairs of DENIM pants.” That’s all I’ve got so far.

  2. I hope you have alot of fun and remember to bring back lots of pictures.

    • i will bring back pictures but they will all be on our blog at some point!

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