Posted by: Marco | June 30, 2010

Reality sinking in…

Here we are, the last day of work for Shannon and me. I will continue to get paid, but Shannon is quitting her post at Nortel.  I was awake this morning at 4:45am, thinking about this trip (of a lifetime) and feeling nervous, not elated. I thought “What is wrong with me? I should be feeling happy!”

I think I’m getting a little nervous about the whole thing as we get closer to departure. The reality of our decision is sinking in. Some pre-adventure jitters are setting in. It is a little daunting to quit our lives as we know them, throw caution to the wind and “move” to another continent. I’m also anxious about the money side of things. Shannon and I have budgeted and run the numbers, and we can do it. But I still have this fear that we will have to come home in March with our tail between our legs, flat broke, and scrambling for a job for Shannon. I don’t really think it will happen, but that fear is sitting in the back of my mind.

We don’t plan on living the high life, so I think we’ll make ends meet. But just to feel a little better, Shannon and I should crunch those numbers one more time. We’ll ask the question: “Can we afford to do it?” Of course, the real question is “Can we afford NOT to do it?

Carpe annum



  1. Well Congratulations to you for finishing your last day of work/school for 14 months and starting your new life! Good for you to have the guts to give up your routine for a while for the sake of enriching your lives! I wish you a trip that leaves you happy and brimming with inspiration and a fresh zeal for life.
    You got your Visa’s? Great! And here’s hoping that any more planning will go smoothly for you.

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