Posted by: Marco | June 29, 2010

Last day of school…for 14 months

Tomorrow, June 29th, is the last day of school for our board. That’s significant since it means Anique and Owen won’t be attending regular school for 14 months. And I won’t be teaching for 14 months. The kids are pretty thrilled with the idea but they know we will be homeschooling them. We have the math books, the French novels, the language workbooks, and more piled up at home. But we all know it won’t be the same as being in a classroom. Shannon will be teaching math…she’s the engineer, after all. She’ll be using the JUMP Math textbooks for grades 3 and 7. We hope to cruise through those quickly. The other lessons – French, english, history, geography – we’ll learn as we go. There will be plenty of authentic learning opportunities for all the social sciences and languages. 

I thought I would be really happy to be out of the classroom for a while. It can be overwhelming and exhausting, attending to the needs of that many kids, but I had a great year. I think I might miss the chaotic activity of the classroom. However, part of the goal of this trip is to live more deliberately…to slow down, to appreciate our lives, and our good fortune. So missing out on some chaos will be fine. A visit or two to the traffic circle at the Arc de Triomphe should quench that need.

Well, it’s 42 days until departure.  Carpe annum.

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