Posted by: Marco | November 15, 2009

Hello world!

Hello readers,

This is the first post to our family blog. This blog is intended to chronicle our sabbatical year which will begin in mid-summer 2010. Setting up a blog to keep friends and family informed of our whereabouts and our “do-abouts” seemed like the most efficient way in this wired world to do it. So here is day one.

The name of the blog will change. The style will change. The kids will get involved. We’ll post pictures and links. We’ll have maps. Oh, the possibilities are endless.

Stay tuned.


  1. I am so jealous, but when am I not really! So when are you leaving, where will you be living, when can we visit? I should know these things as your sister.

    BTW, let me know when your house rental listing is ready and I’ll spread it far and wide for you.

    Love the blog…wish I had this when I lived in Oz.

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